Terry Golletz


Critique from Circle Foundation for the Arts (France) 2017


"Golletz’s works are deeply complex and psychedelic. A look across his portfolio shows not only dedication and a unique style but the artist seems to have created a personal language, a vocabulary with which he makes up bizarre, abstract narratives that tell surreal open-ended stories. Each painting is recognizably Golletz, fluid, vibrant, bold and eccentric, yet each composition remains distinctive and special."

Each painting has its own evolution. My concern is in creating a unified composition of colour and form which allows maximum participation of the viewers in the art work. Since the form does not represent an image that the viewer can immediately recognize and label, they are allowed to look inward to themselves to create with their own imaginations whatever their current mood moves them to create.
The process of creating the work itself, which takes many hours of concentrated effort, is to me a meditative discipline.

Studio hours are:By appointment